Marketing Tips For Small Business

Marketing your small business doesn’t always require for you to spend too much. You can successfully market your business with these simple yet fail proof tips.


-Give your stuff away.

If your business is in the food sector, you can give away free samples so people would see for themselves how good your products are, and eventually they would be an addition to your customer. If you provide services, give free trials. What you are trying to achieve is for potential clients to get to experience your business first hand for free and get them hooked with you.


-Join or create Networking Events

You may speak at seminars or teach workshops, build your business by penetrating a network by joining or creating a network. Get your presence be known to everyone, try to make a noise for your business. Get the community be familiarized with your business, inculcate it in their heads so when the time comes that they will be needing something that your business offers, you pop right out of their heads.


-Keep in touch with Your Customers

Make your customers feel that they are special and always remembered. You can experiment by sending your customers a text, an email, message on Facebook Messenger greeting them on their birthdays, or sending them a good luck message on Mondays or some motivational message on Sundays. Make it personal, let them know you know them and you value them, and that they are not just customers that will turn to strangers after a purchase has been made or after a service has been rendered. Customers love it and you will earn their loyalty.


-Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and many other social media platforms is very helpful in free advertisement. Your post or tweet will go a long way with how the social media works nowadays. Shares, retweets, followers, hashtags are some of the words that you need to be familiar with. Those things are going to be your best friend to step up your social media marketing game.


-Local Business Directories

You can list your business free in Google My Business of Google and Bing Places for Google of Bing are free, while Yahoo offers a paid one which is the Yahoo Localworks that allows you to list your business in 50 directories like Yelp, White Pages, Mapquest, Bing, Yahoo Local, etc. Your business can then take advantage of the local search results once you are listed, and you may ask for reviews from your satisfied and loyal customers as a digital marketing strategy.





-Local Chamber of Commerce

Networking with your local chamber of commerce is a classic yet fail proof marketing strategy especially for small businesses. Getting your business associated with the Chamber will boost your credibility. Also, you are likely to get to find new acquaintances or clients, the Chamber will give you opportunities that is not limited to just joining an organization.



If budget for marketing is tight,  you may not be able to always hire professional writers for your blogs or websites. If this is the case, you might need to do a recycling of an old data or material. The internet will give you tons of ways to polish old write ups without really plagiarising. Look for  a study related to your business type, grab the important ideas, polish them add images, charts, and add some quirky fun facts to make it truly your own.